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Threepersons Holster

History Makers: Threepersons Holster, Berns Martin, and Bianchi Holsters

Holsters are designed with specific purposes in mind, and they are continually adapted for different guns and people. The following three holsters were designed by innovative gun users and have become the foundations of many modern holster designs.

Threepersons Holster

Tom Threepersons was the son of a Cherokee chief and a law enforcement legend. After his father and his best friend’s father were murdered, the murderers were caught but subsequently freed. This injustice motivated Tom to pursue law enforcement and become a skilled gunfighter.

In the early 1920s, law enforcement departments were switching over to Fords and other automobiles for faster pursuit of criminals. Suddenly, the very handy holsters used on horseback were simply not suitable for an enclosed space.

Threepersons took it upon himself to solve this problem by designing a new holster that allowed law enforcement to easily and quickly access their weapons in a vehicle. The fact that it could easily be concealed under a coat was icing on the cake.

With the help of saddle maker Sam Myers, founder of S D Myers, the design came to life and the Threepersons holster was born. Not only did it quickly become popular among the then-current law enforcement but it is still used today. It is even the basic design for standard FBI Holsters even today.

Berns Martin Holsters

In the 1930s, a man by the name of J.E. Berns- a member of the Navy Rifle Team- faced the challenge of carrying a long-barreled revolver for hunting while protecting it in the Alaskan snow. This led Berns to create a holster that could accommodate a long barrel being carried on the shoulder or the hip without the gun touching the ground.

His teammate Jack Martin designed the leather work and, thus, Berns Martin was born. The design remained popular for decades.

Berns Martin eventually released a redesign of the holster that became so popular it was featured as James Bond’s holster. Over the years, several changes have been made so it can be used with a variety of guns.

Bianchi Holsters

John Bianchi was a police officer in Southern California in 1958. Unhappy with cops’ options for carrying a gun, Bianchi went to work creating what he felt was an effective holster for on duty police officers. Bianchi holsters quickly became the top choice for law enforcement officials.

Perhaps one of the most famous among law enforcement was the “Break Front” that was introduced in 1970. Bianchi designed it specifically for officers to quickly draw their weapons but it also protected against an assailant being able to take the gun from the holster.

Over the years, John Bianchi has brought some innovative designs to the public and is well-known for quality holsters. Although some models have been created for other markets, Bianchi holsters still aim to provide effective and secure holsters to law enforcement.

These three holster designs changed the course of holster history.

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