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Law Enforcement Tools: The Jordan Holster and Safariland Products

Law enforcement officers walk a dangerous line constantly- every minute on duty can pose incredible risks. Having the right tools and equipment can help minimize that risk and help officers make it home each day.

While there are several law enforcement products available, the Jordan holster and products that Safariland offer deserve consideration when you are ready to equip yourself or your officers.

Jordan Holster

Bill Jordan was a very famous- if not the most famous- lawman from the 20th century. He served in one uniform or another for more than three decades as both a U.S. Marine colonel and later a Marine reservist colonel. He also served as a border patrol officer along the Mexico and U.S. border.

Due to a lack of funding and support, the U.S. Border Patrol had limited and potentially unsafe equipment, but that was not good enough for Bill Jordan. He got to work designing safer duty equipment, beginning with a clear description of how a holster should be designed. According to Jordan, a proper holster should hold the gun securely while allowing quick and efficient access to the weapon.

Working with S D Myres, Bill Jordan developed the Jordan holster, one that does exactly what he stated it should do. He created the holster to fit on a wide duty belt so that the weight would be evenly distributed.

Jordan also worked with other companies to produce wooden grips for guns, improve safety straps on holsters, and more. Bill Jordan was dedicated to making border patrol as safe as he could, and his contributions are still felt in the law enforcement community today.


In 1964, Neale Perkins’ father was looking for a custom holster, which led Perkins to found Safariland LLC. The company was named in memory of all the African safaris Perkins and his father took.

Since being founded, Safariland has acquired other law enforcement brands and likewise been acquired by other brands. What started as a small company interested in designing holsters quickly became a large, well-known brand for law enforcement and military equipment.

While Safariland is continually growing and developing new products, some of their popular items include body armor and other armor systems, bomb disposal suits and tools, less-lethal weaponry, functional and efficient holsters, and other protective gear and accessories.

Proper Fit

Both the Jordan holster and Safariland products are designed to keep law enforcement safe while on duty, but none of the products do any good if they are not suited for your duty weapon.

A holster fit chart is the best way to ensure you get the right product, especially when you are shopping online. Using a holster fit chart, like those you can find at Safariland, can help to ensure your safety.

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