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Red Nichols Holsters

The Story of Red Nichols Holsters and the Holster Guy Behind the Product

I’m holster guy Red Nichols, founder of Red Nichols Holsters, owner of the Berns Martin gun leather company and trademark, and the founder of and contributor to the Holster Guys blog. My journey to the ownership of my company and such an incredible trademark began back in 1970.

At the time, I lived in California and apprenticed for John Bianchi, which provided the incredible privilege of learning from the master. Throughout the 70s and 80s, I created all of the Bianchi Holster products while perfecting my craft.

In 2012, I decided it was time to retire and relocated to Queensland, Australia. Instead of spending my retirement relaxing, I decided to create my own gun leather company and Red Nichols Holsters was brought to life.

After creating Red Nichols Holsters, I acquired Berns Martin. Under the Berns Martin name, I began creating new lines of holsters and got to work on a reproduction of Tom Threeperson’s personal holster. Throughout my time in the gun leather industry, I have earned 50 patents for my unique designs.

In 2020, I finally decided to hang up my holster, so to speak, but gun leather and holsters are in my blood. I now run, a holster blog for others as passionate and interested in this craftsmanship as I am.

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