You'll never see another one. Ever

At first glance it's a Bianchi X-15 in the Medium size, which is for the 4" revolvers and the 5" autos of the era (weren't many different models of either pistol then).

Then you'll notice that it's basketweave. What the? When was that model ever seen in anything but plain?!

Then on the backside you'll see that it is marked not Protector (the earliest Bianchi brand). Not Safari Ltd (the partnership of JB and NP). Nor even Bianchi Holster (the company JB formed with his father for '66 after NP took the money and ran).

It's a Safariland, made during the tiny period between the end of Safari Ltd ('64) and Safariland's beginning ('66) while NP continued to make and sell the JB designs as his own. It's also the only record I have of ANY Safariland holster with that particular stamp 'Safariland'.

You'll never see another one exactly like it. Ever. And an FOH owns it, too.

Here's what the standard X-15 looked like:

The one above is a Small; I used its pics vs. a Medium (there was a Medium/Small, too) because this Small has the features of the immediate sequel to the basketweave Safariland. Then by the end of its run the X-15 Medium looked like this one below, including a harness change. I'd say it was made 25 years after the basketweave version (the new harness, the badge-logo snap button, the white thread):

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