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Which twin has the Toni?

Updated: 2 days ago

You'll have to be really old, like I am, to remember the hair care ad with the catchy line, "Which twin has the Toni?". Here we're looking at Gene DeSantis' carbon copy of that Seventrees shoulder holster from the original photo shoot.

Gene is on record as saying that "I wouldn't be in the business today if it weren't for Paris", meeting the demand that Paris had created in the '70s but couldn't fill because he'd been shut down by the Church Commission in '75 for supplying the CIA w/ silencers, subs, etc.

Here's a puff piece about Gene and his company. He's a good guy and a former customer of my Nichols Innovation operation where we accomplished great things together, including for the FBI and the USBP:

Gene, you might end up in Holstory II after all :-).

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