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Post 15: Walter Walsh, FBI

Updated: Jun 13

Walter Walsh had a long and illustrious career with the FBI and served with distinction in the Marine Corps. He attained the rank of Colonel, served as a shooting instructor and was on the US Olympic shooting team as well. This photo shows him at an Evaluators Ltd. sales event. The portly Brigadier General Van Orden and Flora “ Beanie” Van Orden are the 2

individuals at the left in the photo. You can rest assured that several Heiser and Berns-Martin holsters were on display on the tables. The sign visible over Col. Walsh’s shoulder now hangs in my holster room.


John Witty

Note from Red:

And on the subject of Evaluators, may I add this info recently received here from John:

And from John's personal collection:

And news that Paris Theodore was soliciting the business of Evaluators (below). It's addressed to Flora Van Orden; the General himself died 1967 that was the year before Jack Martin of Berns-Martin died. All of Paris' gunleather publicity, including for his dancer/choreographer wife, is 1968-70; at which time the ASP pistol's publicity began.


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