Unsafe at any Speed: the Original Dirty Harry holster

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Jerry Ardolino sent me an unbelievably long email professing his superiority. You'll have to read it to believe it -- so here it is in PDF format. His postings on the internet -- I think I have 'em all -- are equally outrageous:

2022 ardolino
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I replied that his email reads like a letter to the press from a lifer in a federal prison. "I was framed, somebody call the governor, I'm innocent!".

I had deleted my original 'unsafe at any speed' post about the Dirty Harry holster after 600 views because my blog post was appearing on Google next alongside the Ruffiano site that sells the holster: surely the Ardolino family had gotten the message to fix their defective holster (because there is no spring in their 'spring' holster).

It took four more years of research since the First Edition to find the full facts about the several Clark and Bucheimer and Bucheimer-Clark and Tandy companies. And then I went to the trouble to create a Second Edition with three more chapters; one of which includes the full Bucheimer info. The information had been well concealed all these decades.

Four years after the First Edition, the Second Edition was published earlier this year. See it at .

I also freely admit to not being a great writer -- the Ardolinos are on record saying that, too, but if the Ardolinos' benchmark is Jerry's constant use of 'fuck' in his own book then I'm quite OK with being tagged with the label. The following is just ONE page of Ardolino's book and I doubt there is a single page without it:

And I'm a technical writer, as an industrial designer should be. Not a creative writer. So I write facts not hyperbole, as one would expect from a history book. Which Holstory is.

AND I AM REPUBLISHING MY BLOG POST, below in PDF form because the post itself can't be restored. I am pleased to have had the reminder that there is still a need for real journalism about gunleather vs 'puff pieces' that such as Ardolino is so proud of. These guys need watching and always have.

2022 Blog Ardolino - Dirty Harry - Lawman Unsafe 3-22
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