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Unsafe at Any Speed: Dirty Harry and the Third Edition (of Holstory the Book)

Updated: Jan 3

(With apologies for the title to Kenny Rogers and the First Edition)

I gave Jerry Ardolino and his consumer-hostile family a calendar year to drop their online b.s. about my history book that is "Holstory -- Gunleather and the 20th Century". And with their having declined via a fresh online attack (oh, I didn't actually warn them first) I now repost my famous Unsafe at any Speed headline while noting that their copy of the Bucheimer-Clark holster will finally be in Holstory's third edition -- in the form of a consumer warning:

Read more in my book titled "Holstory -- Gunleather of the Twentieth Century -- the Second Edition" that is available at and printed for you/shipped to you in USA.

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