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The Safariland ALS 'holster'

I used the term 'holster' advisedly because this product is more like a plastic Kleenex box cover, with straps attached to it, than a real holster.

See the problem yet? Keep reading.

I bring the it up at all because 15 years ago, Safariland issued an advisory that there is a problem with this product. And that problem, they say, is not their fault at all but the fault of the light makers, the laser makers, and those darned police agencies who failed to test for Safariland's defect!

And the defect is that the company left a gap near the trigger of striker-fired pistols that have no manual safeties, in order to allow the light to enter the holster. "Not our fault! The bed was on fire when we laid down on it!" is the book title and Safariland was quick to invoke it:

Better solution: decline to make holsters for same until the company CAN come up with a safe combination. That's what we weapons carrier designers DO; our process hasn't been an art or a craft for a half century.

Theirs is twisted thinking indeed and certainly not the way that the legal doctrine 'a duty of care' is meant to operate.

Here is their advisory, taken from a listing of a dozen such warnings the company has issued since 2005:

The company's link is included directly above this line so have a look at it for yourselves.

These discharges have occurred even here in Australia and were what caused me to pay attention in the first place. Then reports began to surface on the forums that I post to and it all became unavoidable:

Gear Review Safariland 6378 ALS Retention Holster", D. Borders. The Truth About Guns, 15 Mar 2012. 'Almost dangerous when you get the tactical light version'.

Lodi Police Officer Shot When Child Pulled Trigger on His Gun". CBS13 Sacramento, 02 Sep 2013. G35 w/ light in a thigh holster, 'trigger more accessible due to light'.

"Calif Boy Fires Officer's Holstered Pistol". Police, 03 Sep 2013. "On the light bearing Safariland holster there is a significant gap to the trigger".

"I can and did pull trigger while gun is in Safariland ALS.WTF.", 07 Oct 2016. 6378 ALS Concealment Paddle Holster is described

"Officer's Gun Goes Off in Holster", J. Keele. CTV News (Canada), 08 Aug 2017. Winnipeg Police Service investigating; Safariland ALS is pictured.

"Shooting During Police Funeral Came from Holstered Gun", M. Milz. NBC13 Indianapolis, 07 Aug 2017. Two seated IMPD officers stand up together and the equipment of one entangles the trigger of the other.

"Maplewood Police Will Stop Using Holster After Student's Misfire". Star-Tribune, 28 Mar 2018. Glock 22 fires inside Safariland Model 6360 Duty Holster.

"Police Officer on Duty Accidentally Shoots Himself", A. McCleery. Daily Mail (Australia), 14 May 2018. Springwood, QLD.Safariland ALS is pictured.

"Details Emerge in Officer's Accidental Shooting in School Cafeteria". WUFT News, 18 Oct 2019. SIG P320 discharges in holster; the Safariland Model 6360 ALS holster for light is pictured.

And here's another one just in now, from 30 May 2020 (Australia date):

The image above is from the current riots in USA. Notice Safariland never did HAVE to uncover the trigger to get the light-bearing striker-fired pistol into their holster. Ever.

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