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Wait. It's an empty tin can. On a holster blog

Updated: Mar 24

My fate is sealed. I've written so much about Seventrees and Gaylord that my blog is on the brink of becoming a one-brand storyline. Oh, my.

But a friend has sent me this and I can't resist sharing the puzzle.

You'll never believe what goes with the can. And the can opener that was included with it.

Don't believe me?

Still don't believe me?

Need more information before you'll be sure?

And . . .

The patent is mentioned as 'pending'; and the patent was filed December of '73 and it issued in March of '75. My friend, author Tim Mullin, confirms he received his several sets right inside that two-year time period.

Thank you Tim :-).

(There was a version with a separate strap, that I have always 'assumed' was the earlier version; yet it does not appear in the utility patent above. The one-piece version is consistent with the Angell mantra that all of Paris' designs followed and I have always expected that it was the improvement that led to the patent):

Galco of course copied the Seventrees cuff pouch (Jackass' earliest products all emulated Seventrees', under its new name of Galco the company continued with that plus its Bianchi copies). Hence it is unlikely that either Jackass or Galco will appear in Holstory II (must've made a significant contribution to innovation in gunleather 1905-1985l; copying is the opposite of innovation and does not drive progress).

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