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Restored Post No. 22 Has Been Updated :-)

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

A forum reviewed my Striker Pistols post, and, because I'm blocked from joining the forum I'm unable to rebut. No problem, I have my own soapbox right here :-). It's VERY difficult to write in a fashion where every word gets the connotations is was meant to be imbued with so these misunderstandings are understandable. All in all my Post 22, and I, have been treated kindly fo far.

There's also no indication there that anyone visiting Post 22 also looked at the rest of the posts within the blogsite. That's THE problem with folks directing their own readers to a single one of my posts vs sending them to the main blog and telling them which post to search for: only a tiny bit of information gets passed along. I once had to ask a noted Facebook member who was posting single links, to please STOP because one post gets 1000 views (a homicide by famed gunman Bill Jordan) while the other, more useful posts get little attention from the visitor.

Speaking of Safariland, if you're a Kydexian you'll want to keep up to date with Safariland's bulletins about safety with their products; because they've long had heaps of problems stemming from the very topic I wrote about. Which is: thinking a Glock is as safe to everyone in the same holster designed around a 1911. The lights multiplied the problem big time because a finger could enter the trigger guard area covered by the holster and the pistol still c/b fired: no safety (that little lever in the center of the trigger of a Glock is not a trigger safety; instead it's there to keep the trigger from moving to the rear under inertia when the pistol is dropped on its head).

The link above is for you all to stay up to date. In the event that link fails at some point, here is a PDF of what's there now:

2022 and earlier safariland bulletins
Download PDF • 996KB

I have a very looong list of these incidents with Safariland Kydex holsters, that stem from the assumption that a pistol with a covered trigger cannot be fired in the holster. Here is just one of the more recent:

Another link about Safariland comes up within the search 'Safariland Lawsuits". It's about their own employees' views of the company:

Also, and this will surprise you but not me: a request by me through Safariland's website for an interview with Neale Perkins, who is still touted as being part of the company, went unanswered; about a month so far. THIS is why Holstory the Book was written without asking for permissions from industry members: these men (there are no women) are not afraid you'll find out what they know -- they're afraid you'll find out what they DON'T know. In this case I was chasing Neale's knowledge about his time with Earl Clark, son of the founder of Clark Holster, while Earl was a consulting designer to Safariland 1980ish when B-C failed. Lots of unanswered questions around the various Clark and Bucheimer entities that coexisted then and Neale is the last man standing (all the Clarks and Bucheimers are gone).

Read more in my book titled "Holstory -- Gunleather of the Twentieth Century -- the Second Edition" that is available at and printed for you/shipped to you in USA.

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