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Restored Post 7: Bill Jordan Was Not the Father of the Combat Magnum

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Based on the dates of the Combat Magnum's project and Bill Jordan's recollection of his conversation with S&W's execs, the project for a K frame with a specially hardened frame was well underway by the time Bill spoke out. S&W wisely credited him anyway, much in the way that Sam Myres credited Tom Threepersons for more models than he used.

7 jordan not the father of M19
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Bill was the inspiration for, and consultant to, this late 1950s TV show about his force. It does interest me that the USBP website does not ever mention Bill to this day.

Two more posts exploring the early stages of the Combat Magnum with Evaluators Ltd.

2021 Evaluators Ltd. and Van Orden 8-21
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2021 S&W's Combat Magnum origin + Van Orden 7-21
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