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Restored Post 6: Bill Jordan -- The Day the Earth Stood Still

It is believed that Bill was using the brand-new S&W M19 (his was s/n 1) to kill a fellow agent with an accidental discharge; while showing off its slicked action. My blog post above suggests that agent Rector would have lived had Bill not conceived the M19 in the first place but more research shows that Bill was not the father of that S&W model anyway -- the project was well underway by the time S&W executives conned him into thinking they were granting his wish. Bill was basically just a nice guy.

Despite the caption that is Arvo at left while the actor is at right with Jordan.

6 jordan earth stood still
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Several companies, beginning with S.D. Myres Co. shortly after Sam's death in '53, made the Jordan holster and labelled it as such. It was Don Hume's version that is best known:

Two more restored posts relating to the Jordan holster:

the jordan (1)
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the jordan (2)
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