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Restored Post 59: Galco Was a Jackass

59 galco was a jackass
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2021 Galco Jackass holster markings 8-21
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Paris Theodore's Seventrees company did not make the pancake style holster, not least because it didn't exist until Paris's company didn't. But in the beginning, the Jackass company styles were dependent on copying the Seventrees line. So Rick Gallagher of Jackass and Lou Alessi of his company had to improvise on their own to show us what they thought a Paris version would've looked like. I say Lou did it better (read on).

Belowk, Alessi's reimagining of the Baker pancake. "What would Paris do?" appears to have been the question because it draws heavily on Seventrees' other revolver holster styles. Notice the large internal pocket formed for the barrel to shift into during the draw; a feature first used by Chic Gaylord who also did not make the pancake; Chic was too early for it:

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