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Restored Post 52: Rolled Gold

It became apparent in my research of holstory that gunleather makers usually mistate their founding dates. I mean, it was unavoidable when the likes of J.M. Bucheimer himself was born after his company's 'founding date'. It must've been really important then, late in the 19th century, to appear to be an 'old' company. Which doesn't explain the 'dances with thieves' approach of Bianchi and Jackass, eh?

52 rolled gold
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The restored post is better than I remembered it to be and reminds that companies used different maker's marks that help us determine exactly which era they were made in. Heiser not so much but the Jackass/Galco plethora tells us a lot when combined with the company name changes and locations.

In polishing my research on Tex Shoemaker it was reinforced that there was a little grouping of Monrovia-ites that extended beyond the obvious Bianchi Holster. Tex himself was living in Monrovia as a Deputy in 1950 before forming his company in '68, and of course Neale Perkins whose Safariland was based there, and Wally Wolfram while Wally and JB both were Monrovia officers. These things aren't obvious because neither Wally nor Tex stamped the city name into their products. The four men's holstories are closely intertwined in part because of the location.

Read more in my book titled "Holstory -- Gunleather of the Twentieth Century -- the Second Edition" that is available at and printed for you/shipped to you in USA.

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