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Restored Post 24: I Left My Heart at Tex's

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

24 left my heart at tex's
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A fairly short post about Tex Shoemaker's marks and their eras. I'm inspired to choose this one today because I've identified a previously unknown mark of his. Which begs the question, when the heck was Tex in Covina?! This holster bearing the Covina mark is the same knockoff of Wally Wolfram's No. 3 as always but the sewing of the belt loop's end is not his standard that was also Wally's; and it almost appears to have been resewn because it is black and the thread is white. Makes sense, to resew the belt loop would require the welt be opened up and that welt stack has white thread, too. Looks a lot like nylon thread that in the era was a natural color, and has the 'fuzzies' in that nylon m/b cut with heat to avoid that.

The close relationship of the Shoemaker and Wolfram gunleather lines:

2021 Tex Shoemaker v Wolfram 8-21
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I have Tex in 6 cities from the time he moved to California from Nebraska as a boy (Pasadena) through the various cities in which he was an LEO until he formally opened his best known factory in San Dimas in '68. I visited him often there and evenutally attended his funeral in the '90s. But no records of a Covina location for him. None of these six cities was ever stamped into the backside of his holsters except Covina's. Go figure.

The map below shows us just how close all of his cities were in the L.A. area.

Read more about Shoemaker's place in holstory in my book titled "Holstory -- Gunleather of the Twentieth Century -- the Second Edition" available at .

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