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Restored Post 22: Striker Pistols Are Incompatible With Modern Holsters

Updated: Jun 6

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck, right? But if it looks like a cocked 1911, and shoots like a cocked 1911, your holster KNOWS your Glock is not a 1911: and leaves out the protections of old against discharging in the holster. Read on:

22 striker
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I stumbled across a forum's recent review of this post I made. On the one hand the membership's posts are most respectful. On the other hand, my email address was rejected as blocked from registering by an admin. So someone there thinks I'm a naughty boy :-). Have a look anyway:

I'd say overall that most members who posted missed the essential point: for us designers the Glock looked like a 1911 so we thought just making a 1911 holster fit the Glock would preserve its safety features for the Glock, too. And it doesn't: a 1911 holster properly designed won't let a 1911 fire in it, and the same design applied to the Glock WILL. And consumers including LEOs don't know this, so their safety has not been considered by holster makers especially Safariland:

Read all about the evolution of today's gunleather during the 20th century in the second edition of my book, published 2022 and available at .

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