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Restored Post 21: Triggers Were Once MEANT to be Uncovered

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

It's common to find a vintage DA revolver holster with an auto stuffed into it by a modern seller on eBay, for example. Turns out it's because today's owner expects the trigger of his auto to be covered so the combo looks 'right'; but instead, in the olden days the trigger of the autos and the revolvers were EXPECTED to be left uncovered. The trigger was for pulling!

21 uncovering the trigger
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The S&W N frame DA holsters will hold a 1911 beautifully including any safety strap. This, though, is how a 1911 was required to be carried by a Texas Ranger (no less a Ranger than Lone Wolf Gonzaullas had such a Brill for his autos but this is not his):

Below IS Gonzaullas', from the backside. Not the extended thumb safety; Gonzaullas carried twin 1911s (he had many pairs) and the pistol he carried on his left side also had the ambidextrous safety that we know so well today:

Read all about the evolution of today's gunleather during the 20th century in the second edition of my book, published 2022 and available at .

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