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Restored Post 20: Style and Grace

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

20 style and grace
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The basics of what makes one style of holster ideal for one use, and another style for another use.

I was hoping my original post was about 'styling' that is, well, style. In that regard it was JB who taught me in my apprenticeship that a holster has to have sex appeal; that's what consumers choose over function. That is certainly true of what we industrial designers do: take what works (engineering) and make it appealing to the eye (design).

For me the Hoyt forward draws oozed sex appeal, in the way that Glocks do for you fans of the plastic fantastics. Here's one of my favorite images of one on a California Highway Patrolman. But why is his safety strap unfastened? It's a freeway collapse:

Read all about the evolution of today's gunleather during the 20th century in the second edition of my book, published 2022 and available at .

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