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Restored Post 2: Rarest of All Sunday Scabbards

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

rarest of all sunday scabbards
Download PDF • 129.69MB

This one below is not 'it'. You'll need to read the pdf file (above) to get the full story that matches the title of this post. But this particular one below is a lined Brill -- nearly all were half-lined instead -- from the hands of the Brill brand's final maker who was Newton J. Rabensburg. He lived until 1961 and made them to that day; after which there was no one left to continue because originator Charles Kluge had been gone two decades and neither of the Brills themselves were leatherworkers.

Read all about the evolution of today's gunleather during the 20th century in the second edition of my book, published 2022 and available at .

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