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Post 73: Done and dusted

Updated: 3 days ago

When misinformation, as below, about gunleather is more popular than correct information, and not just on forums but on FB, too, I realize it's time to doff my Don Quixote armour and call it a day. The below post not only needs correction but is actually based on my original research, not any original work of these blokes:

The Sunday holster that we know as the Brill, was not created by August Brill nor was his company even earliest to make it. And the Brill this bloke shows is a 'late' Brill that is post 1930 and the welt system in that holster is not 100 years old. However, Tom Threepersons' personal holster of 1920 is; an X-ray of it showing off its multiwelts jammed against the frame (notice that Tom trimmed away the inside corner of it):

After I purchased Tom's holster I offered a run of 100 unabashed replicas of his unique holster using my research; and indeed the welt system is as advertised for it -- retention without the strap (this is a Roy Huntington image, no guns here):

Further, the Hank Sloan of the 1960s was not the source of hammer guards for the Threepersons holster that was Sloan's inspiration; the hammer guard was first used by Myres in the 1940s and Sloan's source was the Heiser of 1950 -- and Heiser's and J.M. Bucheimer's designer was the same man at those two points in history, Al Kippen. The Heiser 459:

Because all that 'fake news you can use' Facebook post is what passes for fact nowadays, my 'true news you can use' blog is closed. Good luck to you all -- and in November, too :-).


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