• Red Nichols, Holstorian

Post 75: The results are in!

Updated: Aug 10

A friend used 'my' method (I didn't invent it) for restoring a pair of tired old holsters. One of them is the Hoyt shown as the 'before' in Post 89; his result is as expected:

I'll add that he exceeded all parties' expectations when he accomplished this with the same method on a Davis that had been caught in flooding then left for some years:

Restoration methods are not a panacea, though; it's not uncommon for some leathers to have just had too much living, and the wetting process will cause the leather to break down despite best efforts. I had a Seventrees that was only disassembled back to the flat state, cleaned and glued to pattern board. Next thing I know the belt loop actually BROKE (not tore, snapped) off with a week. Perhaps I simply got the horsehide too wet.

So be aware that one is taking a genuine risk when trying to save an old holster. Certainly use as little water as the leather will permit :-).


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