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Post 83: Holstory II, in 2022

Updated: Oct 12

UPDATE: I've worked out that I'd be happiest with the final result for a "Holstory II" by waiting until the 1950 Census results appear in a bit more than a year's time; so in April 2022. I'll still be a 'young' man in '22 :-). Prior researchers including those who dedicated an inordinate amount of time to Jelly Bryce before the 1940 Census appeared in 2012, missed a lot including the name and details of Jelly's wives especially the name and birth details of his English bride, Minnie Alexander (not Alexandra) Kirkman aka Sandra Bryce in that census appearance, Chicago. This appearance then led to finding her marriage to Jelly in VA 1935, her birth in 1911, and her arrival from Liverpool in 1930. We know quite closely when they divorced because they appear together in two references in 1941 and we have his marriage to his third wife Shirley in 1944. She may be the Minnie Bryce who lived near me as a teen by 1962 but that and her date of death remain undetermined. The 1950 Census will tell us more about all the Bryces and everyone else in holstory who was living then, too.

It seems to me, that in a year or so there will be good cause to produce Holstory II (c) 2021.

Here Jelly is with his wife Shirley, who was No. 3 and died exactly one year before he did (was his a suicide, then, at the anniversary, as with Tom Powers and his wife prior? Would his fellow FBI agents instead claim 'heart attack' as they did? Could a bullet to the heart plausibly be called 'death by heart attack'? Plausibly.

The research that began in 2016 did not end with the publication of Holstory in late 2018: nearly one thousand entries have been added to the Chronology just so far, that then stood at 1800 lines of references.

Since publication NO errors have been found by us or by our readers; and many logical deductions have been confirmed with none disproved.

That said, there is at least one chapter that is deserving of a rework because newer information paints the picture there more clearly. And it's always nice to add the affirmative footnotes to cover the proven deductions.

Well, replace one chapter, why not more? So I expect to give Holstory II the 'full court press', if it happens at all.

Stay tuned for 2022. If you still have an America in that year :-(

P.S. A note about the sources we researchers use, notably Ancestry and the Census results. A while ago I encountered a woman on Ancestry who had built a factually wobbly tree about my mother; she doubted I was who I said I was (am?) because she had only found my parents and my older brothers. But of course: the rest of us were born after the 1950 Census was taken, me by a few months only; so of course we don't appear in Ancestry. She was quite paranoid about it all and we've not spoken since (my call) so she's in for a surprise when the Census appears. I'd have sent her my parents' own chronology -- it's a two inch thick book -- but surely there was no real need to prove to a stranger, who I am :-).

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