• Red Nichols, Holstorian

Post 80: Just a heads up :-)

Updated: Jun 29

I'm an unabashed Republican and have voted that way from Nixon to today; and despite living in Australia, as a dual citizen I always vote and I vote 'right' in both countries (voting is mandatory here, but not over there). And as a 'give me liberty or give me death' type I even don't hear from my adult daughter any more because she feels strongly oppositely.

Why do I mention any of this? Because if America votes "right" in November this blog will continue, because America will still be America. If it votes "left" in November then it won't be America any more; and this blog will close. This gives me the illusion of control over my country's future!

I closed Berns-Martin when the USA dealer network displayed no interest in it, and I'll do the same with Holsterguys if my birth country doesn't display "the right stuff".

In a hundred years my statue (yet to be erected) will be torn down when it's discovered that I was an unrepentant heterosexual and these relations led to children with a human woman.


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