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Post 77: "I don't know, but . . . " is not a worthwhile forum post

Updated: Jul 3

I'm not speaking here about this blog, which is NOT a forum. I'm speaking from a decade of being one of the crowd on a half dozen forums that include subforums for gunleather as well as for guns. You just can't make this stuff up, though; this is not only from TODAY but notice from the time that it was also posted RIGHT AWAY when the O.P.'s query went up:

I call this, "Let's see who can guess WRONG, the fastest". There's some sort of prize apparently, for being 'the fastest and the wrongest'.

True, not everyone who views forums is looking for information, although that's exclusively what I'm looking for. Experience tells me that most posts instead are looking for validation -- 'that's a really cool handmade holster, I've never seen anything so good, will you make me one?' is a popular form of validation given and received, for example.

Then there are the replies that themselves seek validation. 'Buy Joe Bloggs' holsters, he is a good guy and nobody makes quality like Bloggs'. "Nobody"? Really?

Yet it does help not to step on any of that, because folks are largely on forums to create good news for themselves when they're surrounded by very bad news on the networks.

Myself, I left all forums after that decade, when I realized that not only did I have lots of information from my time served (!), but no progress was being made away from "I don't know, but . . .". If you don't know, don't guess!! It's not like the OP is keeping track of who he/she hears from, and wonders what you think in particular. "I wonder why I haven't heard from Frieda?" isn't running through their minds.

And as if "I don't know" isn't enough, by all means don't then proceed to guess anyway! There is a rush to post an answer when an original thread appears, and I call this "let's see who can guess wrong, the fastest". This doesn't help the OP and I've seen a lot of baaaaadddd information posted only to get a "thanks!" for a bad guess. A guess that's "suspension bridge" wrong if you know your Big Bang Theory episodes :-). Like the chap who insisted that no glue ever should be used in replacing the welt inside a holster seam. Or the one who had transcended the whole 'put it in a plastic bag overnight' debacle to suggest that tinfoil be wrapped around the pistol instead!!

"I don't know, but (insert guess)" is not a worthwhile forum post. Nobody's waiting to hear from any particular one of us. So when we don't know, let's not post because one might be the fastest but 'wrong' only confuses the newbs :-).

Below is from Jan Libourel in 'Handguns' 1996 and pretty much sums up who's on forums and perhaps explains the guessing:


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