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Post 7: Holstory -- Gunleather of the 20th Century

There is the prospect of, not 8 million but perhaps 8 hundred, holstory stories in the offing on this blog. In the meantime there is a comprehensive outline of the life and times of the 200 men and women who contributed to the evolution of what we call 'modern gunleather' although it was all done in the period 1905 to 1985, in the book at . It began with what we know today as the Brill 'scabbard' although August Brill did not create it, and it ended with the innovations at Bianchi Holster although John Bianchi did not create them.

Rob Garrett is the author of three stories that were published in the 1990s about Chic Gaylord and he based them on personal interviews with Chic himself.

Find the book by collector par excellence John Witty, and me, at Choosing to use will take you to the same place, as will :-). Not a mistake.

The first edition is very nearly sold out and we're pondering if we will reprint it; or wait for to issue a revised edition; or neither? Time will tell. We've said our piece(s) there and perhaps it will have companion pieces issued for it in the meantime.

Here's a teaser: a color version of Paris Theodore's 1969 holster catalog. There was only ever just the one catalog and it was meant to be supplemented with additional pages because it is in loose-leaf format. Oh wait. I don't know yet how to attach a PDF to this blog, but I do know how to add one to the page. Look for it on the special info page there and download a copy FREE.

And Paris' catalog was supplemented with more pages, including for his horizontal shoulder holster which page is missing from our copy so is not included. Oh, we DO have a tiny image of it so we're sure it exists! If you or someone you know has an original of this page, you or he or she will get a free copy of Holstory if you share with us . . . !


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