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Post 77: Civil War II (was 'How are You?')

Updated: Aug 10

My friend John Witty asked me today, "how are things Down Under"? I said, "compared to this where you are? Great!" And sent this pic with it:

ADDED: for a friend who thinks we in Oz are not safe from the Left without an armed citizenry (lots more guns here than you think; just not handguns). It's the armed Left that's causing the trouble for you there! And I added this pic:

Y'all have lost control of your own narrative. Ironic as Hell; that's the Army of the South (you know the Democrats were the Confederates, right?) shown above. The Feds are the Union Army, the army of the established government of the time.

Your (our -- me, too, when I was there) defense of the Second Amendment has armed the Left to the point that I'm not predicting Civil War II: it's already here (well, there)! That's what we're 'getting' for insisting on assault rifles and silencers and bump stocks being freely available under the Constitution.

I use the Strauss-Howe theory of generations in my research, the Chronology of which includes the significant macro environment events such as the discovery of the first antibiotic to treat tuberculosis, which took the life of Ed Bohlin's wife, Tom Threepersons' infant son, and his holster maker A.B. Egland and his wife, and 5% of the world's population during the Spanish Flu pandemic before the release of streptomycin in 1944. And that research makes a compelling case that every generation behaves in a predefined way because of the 'times' they are born into. It goes so far as to say there are four generations, that appear in order; as do their 'times'.

From that I'm fascinated to see that both President Lincoln, and President Trump, live/d in identical times: both were born into a generation after war known as idealists (Trump is a Boomer), both became Republican Presidents during a period known in the theory as a 'crisis period', both serve/d two terms, and the 'times' that will follow crisis periods are known as a 'high'. The last 'high' was the period 1946-1965 called the Baby Boomers; that's merely a label for the folks like me who were born into this period of prosperity that followed the destruction of institutions by WWII. In today's case it is civil war.

This theory tells us that we are presently in a period called 'crisis' that is typified by war including civil war. And that we can therefore predict what will happen next :-). Can't say I didn't give you the tools! Wiki has a very expansive treatment of the theory though one has to parse it fairly carefully to grasp its nomenclature.

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