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Post 61: Support your local sheriff!

Updated: 5 days ago

(NOTE BEFORE: I have to say that I'm impressed that the CHOPpers have been caught out in their lie that they/we don't need our men and women in blue to create public safety. I have to say I'm UNimpressed that these folks were ever so stupid; and that our press was happy to pour fuel on the fire).

Y'all have big troubles over in USA, with the 'defund all police' catchcry presently. Seattle, are you listening? The blog post's title is from a Jim Garner comedy but your situation is not-so-much a comedy; but rather a tragedy in the making.

I wasn't ever a 'real' police officer but I was a rent-a-cop during the Berkeley riots -- badge, uniform, gun, the lot -- and so was called a pig in the Oakland Bay Area on more than one occasion. I took it as a compliment, considering the source.

Since that time I've worked with America's police departments all over the country for decades and only the tiniest bit here; and recall being especially impressed by a visit inside the squad room of the FBI's HRT team. Subs everywhere. I hold all of America's LEO's in very high regard.

Anyway: ran across this buckle while researching a Jackass Leather buckle -- turns out they were made in the '70s by Lewis Buckles in Chicago -- and bought it:

I'll wear it with pride here and I sent several similar ones to friends in USA. Support your local police! Else I fear our President will be calling out the militias. Who are all Republicans and 40 States have never had gun registration. Lessee, 80% of 200 million guns is . . . 160 million. Let's not have that, let's stick with the pro peace officers.

"When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns". Did you ever imagine that this could apply to American peace officers? My British gunleather makers tell me that even Bobbies have guns, down their tunics. Just not exposed.

P.S. to the above: ever noticed, as I have, the not-so-subtle signals that Hollywood sends about who are 'good' people and who are 'bad' people? The good guy gets an Apple computer with its logo plainly displayed, but the bad guy gets an IBM clone; the good guy gets a Volvo or Saab, the bad guy gets a Cadillac; the lawyers are good guys, the coppers are corrupt -- and stupid; the Army is controlled by the corporations, and the corporations are always evil; and the good President is not wearing a flag pin but the bad one is? There are NO exceptions. The lawyer won't ever be in a Cadillac, the gangster not ever in a Volvo. No wonder we Americans can't think of our governments and our companies and our police as 'good'. It's amazing anyone has ever voted Right -- ever!


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