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Post 58: 'Suits'. It could be the name of a tv show

Updated: Jun 14

But this post is not about my cousin Meghan Markle (she really is my second cousin; and she is QEII's second cousin, too. The three of us are descended from Edward III, KOE, by three different sons of his at the time of the War of the Roses).

The above listing of Safariland-relevant legal actions is FYI of course. Personally and profesionally I'm thinking that the 'fails' should be deducted from the claimed 'saves' list on the company's website. Every holster company has its legends; this is just one of Safariland's.

Say, I see their teargas sales might be in for a bumpy ride due to current political conditions. That's OK, the company's owner says they make nearly all their money from body armor sales anyway. And have 8,000 employees. They'll never miss the dollars from CN.

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