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Post 52: Holster design contest with a cash prize . . . UPDATED

Updated: Jun 27

To quote my alter ego on television, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, "what's life without whimsy?".

So I announce a holster design competition in the amount of A$5,000 (which converts to USD at the time of award at the current exchange rate; so, sorry blokes and sheilas, the actual amount in USD falls regardless) for the 'best' new holster design.

It occurs to me, though, to add (because there are NO entries so far) that I pledge to issue no critiques of any holsters that are submitted. A winner, an honorable mention to any others; only. No dissections :-).

And the prize money WILL be awarded; either to a winner, or to a charitable cause here (you all wouldn't deny me a tax deduction, would you?).

"Best" is easy to define: it must be an original design not an homage; it must be flawlessly built; and it's gotta be leather.

At least one example would be forwarded at the entrant's expense to me at P.O. Box 86, Morayfield, QLD 4506 Australia. Winner (if there are any qualifying entrants; or indeed any entrants at all) will be announced on my birthday 09 January 2021 and the funds paid out via PayPal.

If it is worthwhile promotion -- er, contest, then perhaps it could become an annual event :-).

The notion is to reward innovation vs. copying. Let's see if anyone is up to it, shall we?

P.S.: all entrants will receive an autographed copy of "Holstory -- Gunleather of the Twentieth Century", courtesy of the contest's sponsor.


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