• Red Nichols, Holstorian

Post 4: Updated Heiser catalog date chart

Updated: May 26

Our book "Holstory" has a chart on pp 104 that accurately dates Heiser's catalogs from 1885 onwards. There is also an end date that was somewhat uncertain for Heiser's final identity that was fully subsumed into Keyston Bros; and that date now turns out to be 1976 for America's bicentennial year.

Perhaps coincidentally to it being the last catalog, 1976 is also the year that Fred Baker, the Samuel Keystone (correct spelling) grandson who piloted Keyston into the largest maker of 'junior cowboy and cowgirl' capgun holster sets, died. That's Fred at left in 1951.

Now we have a copy of that final catalog of 1976, and we can present the most up-to-date date chart possible until more catalogs from the several Heiser eras are found. Notice, too, that the company changed its name 'early and often'. It began as Hermann H. Heiser, the became the Hermann H. Heiser Saddlery Co, then the Hermann H. Heiser Manufacturing & Selling Co. It returned to the Hermann H. Heiser Saddlery Co when it left the automobile business, then became the Hermann H. Heiser Co when Keyston acquired it (actually it was Keyston's Colorado d.b.a.), then Heiser-Keyston shortly thereafter. When it acquired the Lichtenberger Saddlery it became Heiser-Keyston-Lichtenberger, then all those names dribbled away and it became simply, Keyston. Not even with the 'Bros' appended.


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