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Post 28: The year was 1962

Updated: May 26

The first James Bond film appeared: Dr. No. And John Bianchi's first holster catalog appeared. Despite claims of being in the biz since 1958 this is his first professional appearance including his earliest gun magazine advertising.

FYI, all the pages of that first brochure. Notice from the bulge in the fold near the muzzle, that this holster has been wet-molded using a 4-3/4" mold in a 5-1/2" holster:

Personally I've never seen, much less handled, either of these early designs:

Notice that these holsters are basket stamped like Wally Wolfram's (the border tool):

Then, all the pages of the second; John F. Kennedy will be assassinated and the year is 1963. Notice the subtle name change for JB's operation from the 1962 booklet.

Next would come 1964 and JB's partnership with Neale Perkins in what was called Safari Ltd. but actually incorporated as Safari Land Ltd. That would become the foundation for the separate gunleather company we know as Safariland, and a post for another time (Safari Ltd hardly lasted a year before JB was forced out; Neale's father was the money-man):


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