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All-new 'poster girl of WTFC at the end of this post!

I took a sort of 'leave' from the gunleather industry when I moved to Australia in 2000 to work with a maker here; and then, for lack of the legal ability to have even gun molds in the State I lived in at the time, returned to it in 2010 by changing States.

In that time some monumentally stupid practices, unheard of in the 20th century, had become standard! I'm thinking now of what is loosely referred to as appendix carry; and while I was struggling with the shift while on forums I finally worked it out: we all were speaking of different things. See above (and wait until you meet, at the end of this post, my Poster Girls of WTF Carry).

This is less a discussion of anatomy ("where is my appendix?") and more a discussion of holstory (what is appendix carry). My first clash over the matter was with Tony Kanaley who then was heading up Milt Sparks Holsters after taking it over from Milt when the latter retires. In that same period the brand, credit to Milt and Tony, had become the benchmark for fine gunleather. Congrats also the Milt Sparks company for turfing Tony :-).

This time the clash on a forum was about appendix carry. Or what was being called appendix carry in the thread. My comment was, "I see dead people . . . " because I expected they were speaking of actually wearing the pistol over the appendix. Tony's response: oh, yeah, none other than the 'great' Bruce Nelson wore it that way!!

But . . . he didn't. THAT'S not appendix carry -- that is, he didn't carry with his pistol over his appendix, nor did ANY gunman on the street (he was a narcotics officer for the State of California and killed a few folks before they could kill him). Bruce himself called his position 'forward of hip carry'; and in modern lingo that is at 2:00 around the waistline AND with the pistol in positive caster (rear sight ahead of the front sight). In that carry Bruce could not ever muzzle himself. Because WHY would an experienced gunman carry in ANY manner that would muzzle him?

The confusion is explained by this from Jeff Cooper in the 1960s:

The misunderstanding, then, is entirely Jeff Cooper's fault. Before the 'clocking' system of verbally communicating body position came to popularity, he was using body part nomenclature to indicate position around the waistline. One can imagine it being done on the phone, or in one of his many magazine articles but without always having the right photograph to communicate the position. So he used the terms appendix, spleen, and the left and right kidney positions to approximate the positions. Today we would call those, respectively, 2:00, 10:00, 4:00, and 8:00.

From there people got the impression, it seems, that he was speaking of wearing the pistol directly over those spots; but have a close look at, for example, where the spleen is!

Jeff is not ever pictured wearing a pistol on top of his spleen. Instead he meant 'in that general vicinity and as opposed to some very different position' such as under the armpit, or at the ankle, or S.O.B.

Above: WTF! With a Federal 9mm loading at over 2000 fps, what could possibly go wrong?!

Yes, in the 21st century there are LOTS of examples of the brain-dead wearing their street guns over their appendix and muzzling their thighs and even their gonads in the process. "But it's not pointed at my 'package', it will miss completely!" Ever seen or felt a flame ball from the muzzle? C'mon. And then the matter of getting all that urine out of the hole in your car seat that's now between your legs . . ..

There was a BBQ ad once, that read ,"real flame, real fast". But not as fast as a speeding bullet makes flame! This one's an auto . . .

. . . and this one's is a DA revolver. With a revolver one gets 'extra flame' at the cylinder face -- FREE and at no additional charge.

Brain dead. Take all the warning labels off and God will sort it all out, right? THIS kind of carry came, not from the street, but from pistol ranges in a long, slow, even sneaky evolution from leatherslaps of the 1960s to IPSC of the 1970s to whatever the hijack of that is called today (even Cooper resigned from IPSC). But on pistol ranges the environment is so controlled that the pistol is not even loaded while it's being carried; it's only loaded after the shooter is on the line and the line officer gives the command to load. At the end of the string the command is given to unload.

Yet this is the opposite of street carry, where being loaded at all times and NOT being fired is the norm; and belly carry therefore exposes the shooter at every_single_moment.

That was compounded by the rise of the safety-less (my spellchecker says I made up a new word) striker-fired pistols. When I was actually paying attention there was only the Glock; but when I returned my focus to gunleather the striker pistol had not only proliferated among pistol makers but also still had no safeties -- and now dominated the LEO markeplace.

Including, of course, for off-duty use (here in Australia, officers are not permitted to carry their weapons unless on duty). Safariland now doesn't even bother to build its off duty holsters with enough positive caster to carry a Glock at 4:00; apparently they expect the pistol will be carried at 2:00. Without actually telling anyone (this is an Aker in the TV show "State of Affairs":

So: if one wants to carry a classic pistol such as Bruce's Commander in .45 ACP caliber and the muzzle to the rear at 2:00, then you have 'our' (his and my) blessing. Just don't call that 'appendix'; call it 2:00 carry. What YOU are thinking of is belly carry.

But if you want to carry the pistol over your belly, which is any position between 1:00 and 11:00, then you have my permission to call that 'appendix carry' -- and also to call a priest. "There is nobody posting about shooting themselves while carrying true appendix". Nope, the dead can't post. I've many a story told to me of seeing an LEO partner bleed out after blowing out the femoral artery in the thigh. And I know a chap who has only one testicle from shooting off the other one on a pistol range while drawing his pistol with it 'round there.

Let's just call this 'stupid carry' and be done with it. Better yet, let's stop calling it AIWB, call it WTF, and just don't do it. Nelson did not give you his implied permission just because Cooper couldn't come up with a better term of reference than he did. Or because Sparks Holsters needs the sales.

Oh yes, I promised you a Poster Girl for WTF Carry. Her post even speaks of 'playing makeup' with a girlfriend. "Take all the warning labels off . . . ". And somebody did!! What the fuck, people. "License Revoked" and say goodbye to the need for bikini waxes . . ..

What could possibly go wrong? These women sure don't know; they remind me of the young women I see on the back (the pillion) of motorcycles, wearing a short skirt and heels with a tee shirt and no gloves, with the only nod to 'safety' being the mandatory helmet: the boy knows better, but has told the girl 'no worries, baby'!

"Said boyfriend". I reckon he could actually his his asshole with the bullet at this angle . . ..

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