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Post 11: Great design is unnatural

Posts don't have to be thought up; they just hand themselves over for examination!

Here are some pics I ran across, of very economical holsters on offer over on eBay. I'm happy to tell you about them because they are downright handsome, they're not made by me -- and there is a design flaw that won't fool you but it sure would fool the novice.

Let's have a bit of fun with it, and see how many pics it takes you pros to spot it. Then you can all lie and say you saw it in the very first pic -- after reading through them all first, of course :-).

Pic one: very handsome styling. Very nicely executed hand detailing. Even a sight channel. I was impressed at first:

Good clearance for the second-finger knuckle, and a very well-defined sight channel. Neat lockstitches, overall styling gets an 'A'. Leather tbd because it might be a corrected grain leather so 2nd rate; but I'm not able to be sure from a pic.

But still, there's that problem.

Here's the back and where it gets tricky for you, because now the main pic has moved up the page and you'll have to remember it; although the problem is here, too:

Here's another for the same pistol:

And now the backside:

We assumed when we 'bought' the holster online that the maker used 'best practice' because we had a chap on a forum rave about this one for his Glock, from the same company:

And again, the backside. Perfect, eh?

Or perhaps another chap had this other model, but in right hand. He had no problems:


Now you see it, don't you? Even the very first pic said that the holster could not ever be made for that pistol, EVEN IN LEFT HAND, without covering the mag button and likely ejecting the magazine when wearing the holstered pistol. Because to make a left hand holster, we makers use the same cutting die and flip the leather over. So it can be perfect for the right and wrong for the left handed holster; perfect for the left and wrong for the right handed holsters. But only one of those cutting dies can be correct/ideal for both a right hand and a left hand holster and it's a crap shoot to see which you will get.

I give them credit. They list a lot of holsters and don't use a generic 'catalog' pic for all fitments. Yet by doing the right thing, in showing all the different pistols and showing also lefts with the right, they also show you that they know almost everything but missed a biggie: always clear the mag button or shape the cover so that it cannot ever press the mag button. I've known LEO's who couldn't return fire when this happened to them. First shot and you're done. Did he have time to reload a pistol that was suddenly slide-back? He did not.


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