• Red Nichols, Holstorian

Make mine rare, please

I suppose this one's about that one catalog, that a collector would need to complete a full series of catalogs from a single maker. It's the one that there's a good chance you will never find in original condition.

The rarest Bianchi catalog is . . . the 1969/70. It was the second of a series that had identical covers with only the date changed, so if you think you have one, look again! I've only ever seen one come up for sale and John Witty owns it.

The first Alfonso catalog:

The first Andy Anderson, that I know of:

The 1895 Heiser catalog; a copy in a Midwest museum is only a Xerox:

The 1965 Safari Ltd. catalog is instead, the first of the Safariland catalogs; so a 'transition' catalog between the two names. The one you've seen, for Safariland, is green:

1907 Myres 'Sweetwater' catalog:

1938 Berns-Martin brochure:


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