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"Felix Leiter" was a Texas Ranger

Updated: Nov 19

I've not a lot of information about "Gus" Jones but his bio makes it clear that this former Ranger who was the FBI's liason in the Caribbean precisely when Ian Fleming was there during WWII, was Felix Leiter, the man who 'disagreed with something that ate him' (shark). The book was 1956's "Diamonds are Forever" here in its First Edition:

It was the words '1943', 'Caribbean', 'FBI', and 'British Intelligence' that caught my eye when I reviewed a Texas Ranger book; for Fleming was the chap at British Intelligence in the Caribbean that year:

I went lookin for more and got it:

A mighty small circle of friends it was then, too. Notice that it was Jones who took Machine Gun Kelly to Alcatraz after his conviction? He did this as not an FBI agent but as a Treasury agent. So was Doc White -- who achieved some notoriety for clubbing Kelly on their way into the same trial:

And Doc with Kelly and wife; it is said that Kelly's wife flirted with Doc seated behind her at the trial but got a stony face for her trouble:

When we look to holstory, then, we realize also that its roots are very, very old when 19th century Texas Rangers were not only involved in the gangsters of the 1930s but interwoven into the 'spy' themed books and films that continued into the 21st century.

And that from little clues, do mighty oaks grow :-).


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