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Post 100: I might be done here (chart updates 26-10-2020)

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Don't give away fish; teach people how to fish. So while perusing the latest update of my spreadsheets that I call The Chronology, and thinking about a query I had yesterday about how many patents Myres had (Bill Myres claimed 50 and the record shows only three) I realize that ALL the answers are there for you in my Chronology. To answer a question I look at it, too, to give out only the most up-to-date answer.

And these answers have always been available to you all, via spreadsheet links that (were) on my Holstory sales page, since the book was published in 2018.

An important thing to realize is that this Chronology is always current. If/when new info appears that is additional, or a correction, or (rarely) deserving of removal; then the Chronology is updated. This can happen several times a day or week! Yet rarely is the item worth a special blog post so you you're not getting the update in that way.

In that vein, this is how to catch fish in Lake Chronology:

One link is a chronological listing of all the holstorical events and relevant macroenvironment events -- like WWII's start and end -- intermingled, too. Hence the title 'Chronology': the list puts all the players into relevance with the world and with each other, by date. You'll see some startling impacts of the macroenvironment on holstory -- and the irony of someone dying of tuberculosis in the same year that the first antibiotic to cure it was released. It would be difficult to use as a standalone reference except (1) to locate a footnoted event from the book Holstory, because the source and its date are in the footnotes; and (2) to look around an event to see what else was happening at that moment, for cause and effect.

allmerge sort chronologically
Download XLSX • 354KB

The other one is by 'player': Want info about Myres, or about Heiser, or about Threepersons? This list is sorted by their surnames although sometimes they are comingled if I've not a lot of info about any one of them but they are interrelated; such as the Clark, Hoyt, and Lewis holster companies. So you'll want to be creative in looking for some names; but if they made a material contribution to holstory 1905-1985 then they are in the Chronology somewhere. This is the one to use when you want to see the order of events for just that player; such as the appearance of Eva in Sam Myres' life and Sweetwater burning down (they're not necessarily connected but it does cause one to wonder: angry ex-wife?).

allmerge sort by player a
Download XLSX • 356KB

They both are in spreadsheet format but these versions are 'locked'. I do that only to keep unlocked versions from being butchered and then claimed to be my work yet 'wrong'. Otherwise I'm happy to have them shared around and if there's a bit you want to keep in jpg form, use a screen shot function. It's really, really long though -- 2600 lines! -- so you'll be at it, forever.

Trouble is, the spreadsheets being locked prevents you all from using the search function on them, which would be the easiest way to find all the appearances of, say, Eugene Cunningham (in which case they are not all listed under Cunningham; many are listed with Tom Threepersons and in his chronological order).

Que sera, sera, free info is worth what you pay for it: nothing :-).

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