New Post 4: Lawman Leather and the Bengal Tiger Trap

Updated: Nov 25

1,400 views of my Ardolino-related posts this year so far alone. How you doin', Jerry?

Above, she's very pretty. As an old man myself I suppose I s/b flattered that the 20-something Mary Anne is checking out my online profile but I'm not. It's my thinking that these two Ardolino family members are actually afraid of Grampa Jerry and I don't blame them. 2 days ago w/b the 23rd of this month? I have an email from them stating "I didn't want to do the videos but Jerry made me".

Lawman Leather and the related entities the Ardolino family and Ruffiano International that make/use/sell the Original Dirty Harry shoulder holster, have dug a tiger trap for themselves.

But I see their online rages continue to escalate and to their detriment; no sane person would take their self-aggrandizement as proof of intelligence that just isn't there. I'm mighty pleased that his readership is an unlikely source of my book's sales, which are up for Holstory. But of course these sales cannot ever compensate for the hate campaign that Arsolino is waging to divert attention from his holsters' defects.

And that's what he's counting on! Because that's what libel is . . ..


Note the headline and the first sentence: this post and my blog site comes up in any search for those words -- by tort lawyers. My advice to you, Jerry Ardolino: you need to remove your YouTube videos and your other writings relating to me and my book (I don't credit Witty any more; he doesn't seem to care about the book's reputation as a genuine co-author should) before you fall all the way to the bottom of the tiger trap you've dug.

Above, the traps laid for American G.I.s by the Vietnamese in that war; below a scene from a film that made a big impression on this 9-year old in 1959 when the bad lady fell into one:

We gunleather makers design and build 'personal weapons carriers'. These are not makeup bags or gym bags: what falls out of these goes 'bang'. And there are two kinds of people who are especially dangerous if they get shot if the gun falls out, or an opponent takes his/her gun from its holster, or the pistol simply isn't there when they reach for it: LEOs, and their widows.

LEO's are not only relatively poorly paid, but they are clearly marked as targets by their uniforms. And are known to be armed, so bad people attack them when they can. Guns, knives, you name it. So LEOs are super likely to be injured in the line of duty, while a soldier lives in another world where they can't sue their equipment providers.

An injured LEO might find himself limited in what he can do, legally, vs his employer because of workman's comp. That makes the third parties the targets for compensation in tort: the holster maker, the gun maker, the ammo maker, and the dealers for all three. You get the point; think about the publicity and suits that are accompanying the Rust shooting.

So, what's the point in bringing this up, besides saving lives? The point: the Lawman/Ardolino/Ruffiano cabal are actively drawing attention to themselves with their campaign against me and my book. Think about what happens when a lawyer is faced with an opportunity to bring a suit: he's going to have his paralegal(s) find Lawman Leather. Where? On the web. How? Type in "Lawman Leather holster", and/or "Dirty Harry Holster". This search turns up "Ardolino", so now go find out who that is. It also turns up "Ruffiano International"; go find out who that is (the Ardolino son). EBay auctions -- now go find out who the seller is there of the Dirty Harry Holster (the Ardolino grand daughter).

Next, encounter the rages being hosted by the Ardolino Cabal on YouTube. Who's this Red Nichols guy they're talking about? What is this book they're raging against? Go find Red and also get a copy of his book to use in the trial. Wait, this guy TOLD Lawman Leather that there not only is no retention spring in their holster, but they 'knew or should have known' the gun was not secure therefore, and then this guy TOLD Lawman Leather how they could correct their failure without altering their tooling and how they could even retrofit these holster in the field? And didn't warn existing buyers nor issue a recall?

Likely they'll want a gunleather expert, especially one who has testified as a court approved expert in tort trials before. Who they gonna call? Maybe the expert who has testified in court for Gould & Goodrich? For DeSantis? For Don Hume? For Bianchi International? It's a well-paying gig. I'd have to consider it . . ..


P.S. not to mention the discharges and deaths caused by the overlapping ears of a Clark-style shoulder holster in the Lawman holster: a target hammer such as on an M29 or Python readily catches on the outermost ear during holstering, thereby cocking the revolver into single action. And the owners of these revolvers are proud of their hair triggers in SA mode. So the gunman draws his revolver and points, and expecting to pull through the heavy DA mode, instead immediately encounters the hair trigger and BANG!!. I know of a case where this actually happened. Dead man falling.

P.P.S. and your corporation has been involuntarily suspended by the State of Texas. You and your family know what happens when you lose a suit while not a corporation? Your personal assets are seized. I know that when I sent the Maricopa Sheriff's office to seize the assets at holster maker Ernie Hill's AZ home, he paid up right quick! THEN HE LEFT THE BIZ; he's in real estate now. Ditto Tony Kanaley of Sparks Holsters -- after I sued that cabal the rest of the owners in ID forced him out of the company altogether. Then the six figures awarded to me when I sued Gould & Goodrich in NC? They paid up right on time under federal court supervision.

I'm sorry, did I forget to tell you about all that at the outset? Oops.

Tsk, tsk. Pull your head in, Jerry Ardolino. You have a target on your back, and on your family's, and you have put it there.

"Holstory -- Gunleather of the Twentieth Century -- the Second Edition" is available at and is posted to you from inside the USA by the printer itself.

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