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"More Press Than Any Other Holster Company!"

Updated: 5 days ago

A Johnny-come-lately suit salesman from the 1970s has recently claimed he has attracted the most press of any holster company in history (!). I thought I'd make this rebuttal, from Bianchi Holster Co's earliest days in the '60s through to the end of the last century. There are well over one hundred pages to follow about Bianchi Holsters, JB and the Bianchi Cup:

The supply of published articles that include references to JB and his company Bianchi Holsters is almost inexhaustible, and I've not the patience to locate them all. Above is simply what I've gathered over the years in creating a complete holstory of the company.

Above and below, on any given day search eBay for 'bianchi holster' and get THOUSANDS of 'hits' both current and completed. The other guy's holsters? Not so much :-). The Bianchi Holster company was a force of nature in its time.

P.S. The book "Holsters and Other Gunleather" draws heavily on Bianchi-named gunleather for its images and text but I've not included those pages here; nor the pages from JB's own book "Blue Steel and Gunleather" which is entirely about his own products; nor from his own book "I Am a Legend" that also is entirely about him and his own products; nor the pages from my own book that is "Holstory -- Gunleather of the Twentieth Century" that has a full chapter entitled "Bianchi et al". For these four title you all can buy the books!

Read more in my book titled "Holstory -- Gunleather of the Twentieth Century -- the Second Edition" that is available at and printed for you/shipped to you in USA.

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