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In Living Colour: the Sequel

Updated: Feb 19

Examples of Seventrees Ltd. products have survived into the present day, that are NOT in the known catalog pages. Nevertheless, several of them are quite well-known in modern times to collectors of the mark. That all of Paris' products were designed by Bob Angell, as were many/all of Chic Gaylord's (Angell worked for both men, and for himself, too) becomes more and more obvious as we encounter things like magazine articles and his own patents.

This one was for Interarms, and by the time Paris' operation had failed Interarms was asking us at Bianchi to make it. We used cowhide, of course (did I mention we got these contracts?) and deduced they were from Seventrees originally but not that he was out of business by then. Interarms imported or made the Walther PPK/S in/to USA.

Notice in the above holster the similarity to his handcuff pouch's system below (the faint makers' marks were a bone of contention between Seventrees and Mason Williams, consultant.

And it was Angell who had the obsession with designing holsters from a single piece of leather, folded variously into a complex product. Have a look at the blog post 'Touched by an Angell" and you'll see examples, while below you'll see more. Nevertheless, Paris did not show him as inventor or even co-inventor (abbreviated as 'et al' meaning 'and others') while JB was careful to do this correctly (Gallagher's designer told me that Rick was careless about this, for Galco and only listed himself despite the designer's contribution).

Paris' was a tiny operation for a man who had such dreams (we have his 1970s business plan); like taking on Bianchi Holster. Here I count three men, one stitching machine (you were right, Lefty, it IS a harness machine vs a flatbed), and horsehide being readied for what is surely a clicker machine that is not in the shot:

Vs. Bianchi (below) in the '80s with two banks of stitchers and sewing machines (at right); the cutting department with its clickers is that entire room through the huge doorway on the back wall. Paris' never knew what he was up against.

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