• Red Nichols, Holstorian

"I recommend Elmer be horsewhipped"

Now don't go getting your britches all bunched up; those are not my sentiments about Elmer Keith but rather those of an American Rifleman subscriber (bottom of the below image). Another said "cancel my subscription!".

I've been meaning to post this page that I kept, from the American Rifleman of January of 1950, because that's when I was born ("dead center of the 20 century"). It seems that many liked him, and that some did not!

Which pic, above, reminds me of my wife's tale. Her chemist (pharmacist) enquired about her old father while she was visiting in his town. "You mean that nice old man who comes in here to have his scrips filled? That's not my father!". And he lived to be 96. And a half :-).

P.S. Those are Lawrence holsters and belt in Elmer's pic. Notice he's holding the holster to conceal the Bridgeport receiver mounted to his belt; the stud that fits the receive is screwed into the revolver itself.

Below is a replica by John, of the more familiar version of the device:

The pistol then hangs from the stud, inside the device that is attached to the belt; and the pistol swung forward to draw:

But I digress. "Cancel my subscription!".

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