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Holsterguys 'Restored'

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Beginning 19 October 2022, one each of the 100 or so original blog posts is being restored to these pages. The one I had readily at hand was the famous/infamous "Unsafe at Any Speed" so it was the first to be restored.

I had toyed with the idea of a Modern Holsters book to guide people to choosing best but this blog will have to do instead. Newcomers have already succumbed to the mythconceptions they got from their range buddies and fellow LEO's :-).

My plan is to restore at least one post daily, with a bit of window dressing when appropriate.

The first 50 or so that survived were numbered:

The second series of 50 or so were not numbered:

In doing so I'm realizing that there are many posts that are best viewed together so I'm lumping them in together. Many thanks to my editor for having the foresight to save each and every post in PDF format as I posted them.

The top record for an original's views was Bill Jordan's accidental killing of a fellow officer named John Rector (1000 views when deleted) and the second highest for original views was the Lawman Leather's that was "Unsafe at any Speed" at 600 views (currently has pushed past 400 more).

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