Holsterguys 'Restored'

Updated: Oct 21

Beginning 19 October 2022, one each of the 100 or so original blog posts is being restored to these pages. The one I had readily at hand was the famous/infamous "Unsafe at Any Speed" so it was the first to be restored.

My plan is to post one each daily, with a bit of window dressing when appropriate :-)

The first 100 were numbered:

The second series of 60 were not numbered:

Many thanks to my editor for having the foresight to save each and every post in PDF format as I posted them. The top record for an original's views was Bill Jordan's accidental killing of a fellow officer named John Rector (1000 views when deleted) and the second highest for original views was the Lawman Leather's that was "Unsafe at any Speed" at 600 views.

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