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Red Nichols' Four Websites

Updated: Feb 19

1. Of course this site, that is my blog at

2. An expanded site that is a contextual reference about me in holstory at

3. My sales site for my "Holstory - Gunleather of the Twentieth Century" color reference book, now in its Second Edition, at 700 have been sold at U$100 ea.

4. And an all-new site that is about my federally registered trademark 'Berns-Martin' which company was founded by John Berns and Jack Martin in 1932; and also about Ian Fleming who introduced the general public to the Berns-Martin brand in 1958's "Dr. No" and in 1962's film of the same name; and also about James Bond himself, fictional spy who initially used a fictional Beretta .25. Berns-Martin's trademark is currently registered to me at the USPTO. At

All my sites will be expanded to include more info, over time and at my whim :-). Please have a look 'early and often' which will build the sites' "reputations" in Google.

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