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Post 99: 'From Australia, with Love' -- appended

Updated: Oct 16

Lionel Shriver is a Yank and lives in London; as was I from '63 to '66. Couldn't have said it better myself; and yet I have been saying precisely what she has said and at least as long as she has.

Now this one is from the next day, same paper. Sheridan writes often about American politics and has a good grasp of right and wrong. Nevertheless, being Australian and not American he does submit to the need to 'have a little bit on both ways'. Yet personally I know no members of the Right who hate anyone, in either country; but I do know members of the Left in both countries who do hate the Right. But still, he 'gets us' Yanks:

I will make this prediction: if the Right sweeps the board then there will be no Civil War. And this is what happened here when the Right swept the board; everybody just calmed down at the national level, and the rest of us were able to just get on with Life. One warring faction was simply put to sleep by the voters and it 'takes two to tangle' as my Mom used to say.

But anything less than a clean sweep by Republicans -- Presidency, Senate, House, Governors, Mayors -- will not be enough to avoid war because Sheridan's point is that the two P.O.V.s are too far apart for that. I add to that: unless there are not really enough of the haters on the Left as we are led to believe, any more than all who died with Covid, died of Covid. Because "the figures don't lie, but the liars do figure".

I will make a second prediction: That regardless of the outcome, but especially with a second term for President Trump, the current Speaker of the House, and others, will be charged with treason during that second term. Nothing in Section III that concerns treason, requires that "enemies" of the United States be foreigners. And treason can readily come from within.

(Note: 'The Australian' is a nationally distributed newspaper that is associated with 'The Wall Street Journal').

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