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Post 2: We got your chart, right here, buddy

Updated: Jun 15

And a link to Craig Smith's celebrated post on Smith-wessonforum that features the charts of J.M. Bucheimer and Bucheimer-Clark (stage whisper: should we tell him there was not only a Clark Holsters, but also a Clark Leathergoods -- and they're all related?):

"Celebrated" you say? How about 100,000 views since 2012?!

Craig also has provided holster fitments for the several more 20th century companies that marked codes on the backsides of their holsters; vs. marking the fitments in plain English there as was done for Bianchi Holsters onwards (think Safariland and Galco).

And so a full page of our sister site,, is devoted to that purpose and it will be upgraded reasonably often as he works through his rather enormous collection of such things including magazine articles from that era.

The above is a screenshot, don't try to click on those links that appear in the image! You'll feel silly (been there, done that myself). The page on is marked Free Info in the menu bar :-).


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