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Updated: Nov 16

From time to time I get hate mail from the Ardolino/Ruffiano/Lawman cabal. I see it ends up in a spam email folder where it is automatically deleted. I don't read them, the Ardolinos embarrass themselves with their emotional rants. Ironically this entire blog was slated for deletion after having been emptied earlier this year -- it was their YouTube rants that rebooted Holsterguys :-).

And now we know where Jerry Ardolino got the stupid idea of laying a length of spring wire inside his leather parts, then bending the assembly into the appearance of a spring shoulder holster: the amateurs at! Below is my response to their idea that that is surely how spring holsters have always been made (their expectation is, of course, false):

I'm repeating this seminal post that has collected more than 1,000 views since its first appearance, because my blog software leaves the original at the bottom of the blog as new blog posts appear. 35 or so new posts added since then and there are over 100 MORE coming! I reckon I'll continue to repeat the post every so often, to keep it top-of-mind until the Lawman Leather people get the message and make their holster safe again for 2-1/2 pound S&W .44 Mags.

Below the original post, in PDF format, that drew 600 views by the time it was deleted as old news. But everything in holstory is old news! So all my blog posts are being restored beginning with this very popular one about the Lawman shoulder holster that is a copy of a Bucheimer-Clark that made them (properly) for Lawman in the late 1970s:

2021 10 27 Blog Ardolino - Dirty Harry - Lawman Unsafe at any speed(1)
Download PDF • 63.09MB

Speaking of which -- from the Attorney General of Texas:

Jerry Ardolino has a long history of gaslighting* his critics especially his customers! This is a thread from

2014 swforum 6
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2014 swforum 5
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2014 swforum 4
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2014 swforum 3
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2014 swforum 2
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2014 swforum 1
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And his attacks on consumers in other forums:

2009 09 14 colt thread
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2015 10 01 complaint board
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*note: 'gaslighting' is just one symptom of a person having a personality disorder such as:

The real news is that when Bucheimer-Clark, allegedly Ed Clark son of E.E. Clark, eliminated the post-and-screw assembly that was promoted as being adjustable tension, the security of the pistol was compromised. Then when the tempering step was eliminated by the current Lawman Leather / Original Dirty Harry people (all the same people) it was all over, red rover, for retaining the pistols. I tested this 1960s Bucheimer-Clark No. 15 for the Commander and it retained the pistol for 2 or 3 snaps without any safety strap Turns out these old holsters had TWO springs inside them, as a parallel pairing:

The legend goes that the post was eliminated because "it didn't do anything", "got in the way", and "couldn't be adjusted anyway because it was on the wrong side". All three are false deductions made by someone who never did know a damned thing about gunleather design and engineering including the 50 years since! Notice the screw head on the outside is easily accessed even when wearing the holster).

Above: "two, two, two springs in one" -- for those of you who remember the Doublemint gum ads :-).

Read all about the evolution of today's gunleather during the 20th century in the second edition of my book, published 2022 and available at . But Lawman Leather itself didn't figure into holstory at all!

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