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Ten (Thousand) Things I Love About You :-)

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

My website host reports that in the last 12 months my four sites collectively have received 10,656 viewing sessions from more than 3,000 individuals. Thank you!

They are, for my book Holstory:

For my blog (this one):

For my publicity notices: (what's life without whimsy?)

And for my trademarked gunleather:

These last two sites have only been up for 6 months . . .

Below, the Berns-Martin (Australia) "To Catch a Thief" in the avenger style, and in horsehide that eliminated the wraparound at the holster mouth of the original avenger by Bianchi. Oh yes, my book is pictured in its first edition, too :-).

Read more in my book titled "Holstory -- Gunleather of the Twentieth Century -- the Second Edition" that is available at and printed for you/shipped to you in USA.

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