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Holstory Book

The Holstory Book and Other Books from Holster Makers

If you are looking to satisfy a deep hunger for information on holsters, there are several books for you to enjoy. Two of these books include the Holstory Book and Chic Gaylord’s gunman’s guide.

Red Nichols’ Holstory Book

The Holstory Book as it is referred to is co-written by Red Nichols and John Witty. It is actually titled Holstory: Gunleather of the Twentieth Century.

Both authors are experts in the subject of holsters. John Witty is the owner of an extensive collection of the fine craftsmanship of the 1900s and Red Nichols is an experienced holster maker.

Thanks to the two men’s knowledge, the Holstory book amounts to 224 pages of pictures, the stories of the holster designs, and the bios of the gun leather makers from 1905 – 1985 and is a must-read for gun holster enthusiasts.

Chic Gaylord and the Handgunner’s Guide

Chic Gaylord was a very talented holster maker in the 1900s. He owned a New York City shop that catered to gun owners around the world.

He was also an accomplished shooter. Chic Gaylord was known for his fast draw and his high scores when he competed, so it’s no surprise that his book Handgunner’s Guide: Including the Art of the Quick-draw and Combat Shooting is still passed along and read to this day.

In this guide, Chic shared a lot of tips on gun fighting, many of which affect the present techniques and tactics of many. In fact, it has been said by many that Gaylord was actually ahead of his time. Though the weapons may have changed since the guide was written, the rest of the information is still pertinent.

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