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Holsterguys: The Holster Blog for All

Holsters are fascinating! Behind each design and brand is a story and a specific reason that they came into existence. The history of holsters was created not by a single person or event but by multiple strands that were woven together to produce the results we have today.

Holsterguys is a site dedicated to gun and holster lovers. It is a simple and educational holster blog that aims to teach the history and tell the story of each brand while providing information on different designs.

After a long history of working with gun leather, I am ready to embrace the simplicity of the topic- moving away from selling and creating while moving toward a more relaxed approach.

Still, with so much experience, I have a lot of knowledge to share as do other Holsterguys various contributors. We created this site specifically for you to pick our brains and take advantage of our knowledge and experience. We are more than happy to share the wealth!

With Holsterguys, you should find the information you need to choose the right holster for your weapon. We also share information on gun holsters created for different jobs and how to find the right fit for you.

Of course, the information is also for our fellow gun and holster nerds who simply love learning all they can. No matter what you are searching for, our holster blog has something for you.

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