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FBI Holsters

Threepersons Holster in Action

Having been around for over 100 years, it is to be expected that FBI holsters have been adapted to new needs and training. No matter how many redesigns are completed, though, the Threepersons holster remains a popular design for FBI holsters.

Threepersons had designed such an effective holster that it is believed to have been used by some of the famous FBI gunslingers that Hoover recruited. One of these gunslingers was legendary lawman Jelly Bryce.

Jacob Jelly Bryce began handling guns as a young child and quickly became known for his gun skills. On his way to enroll in college, he asked to enter a shooting competition in Oklahoma City.

As a test, the Oklahoma City Police Department Night Chief had Jelly shoot at an envelope on a tree. Jelly quickly fired off six rounds that all hit a spot that was the size of a silver dollar according to the police chief. This test got him immediately hired at the Oklahoma City P.D.

In 1934, Jelly Bryce was recruited by Hoover to the FBI Pistol Team- a team Hoover believed was well equipped to deal with the criminals of that time. And while he was a very effective lawman, Jelly Bryce did much more. He would put on shooting demonstrations for the public and became a close friend to Hoover.

Bryce would later be promoted to Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s field office in El Paso where he trained up and coming agents on gun skills. He is well known for carrying a gun even after retiring, and he was said to be a faithful user of the Threepersons holder as it supported his quick draw skills.

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